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Compliance Begins with You

In this ever-changing world of healthcare, one thing remains constant:  Compliance is everyone’s responsibility.  That is why we are reminding you that “Compliance Begins with You.”  As 2023 begins, refresh your HIPAA knowledge by taking a moment to review these reminders so that Compliance Begins with You now and into the new year:

  1. January is a good time to recommit yourself to the “Clean Desk Policy.”  TMP’s “Clean Desk Policy” requires that we all take measures to keep patient and confidential information secure and stored away when we’re not using it.  Remember!  At the end of the day, stow it away!

  2. Even in the fast-paced world that we live in, we need to always “STOP and DOUBLE CHECK.”  The “STOP and DOUBLE CHECK” policy applies when we are emailing, faxing, calling, mailing, and handing out patient information.  Before you send that email, make that call, fax those forms, mail that letter, or hand out that PHI, remember that Compliance Begins with You and STOP and DOUBLE CHECK.  Make sure the right information goes to the right person and right place!

  3. We all have access to some level of sensitive information—patient information, business information, personnel information and beyond.  Compliance Begins with You whenever you are accessing and using sensitive information.  Only access information if you have a job-related need to do so.  And when you do, remember that HIPAA requires you access only the minimum amount of information necessary to do your job! 

 Here at Tryon, Compliance is everyone’s responsibility. Remember Compliance Begins with You in all that you do, and together we will continue to grow and strengthen the TMP Compliance Program!  

Compliance questions?  Contact the TMP Physician Compliance Officer Dr. Daniel Aquino, the TMG Director of Compliance Katie Dever, or reach us anytime at [email protected]