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Mid-year HIPAA check-up

Check your knowledge on these important privacy points!

“Snooping” is a HIPAA violation.

Snooping occurs when someone uses their job-related user credentials to access and/or disclose someone else’s protected health information (PHI) without a job-related need to view or disclose the information. Tryon takes snooping seriously because it is a very significant violation of an individual’s right to privacy and confidentiality.


Shred any PHI and sensitive business information right away.

You will see several locked confidential shred cabinets throughout our offices. This is the only place PHI and sensitive business information should be discarded. Never throw confidential information in the regular trash or create “make-shift” shred bins. When in doubt, shred it!


Lock it up.

If you have a folder, binder or other container of PHI, make sure it gets locked up overnight in an office, cabinet or closet.


Stop and Double Check! 

It’s simple: Make sure the information you are handing or mailing to a patient belongs to them! It takes just a few extra seconds to STOP and DOUBLE CHECK.


Stepping away? Lock your laptop.  

Leaving your laptop logged in and unattended gives anyone the ability to access your computer as if they are you. Locking your laptop when you walk away is just as important as keeping your username and password private.    


Have a HIPAA question or think you’ve spotted a HIPAA Incident? Reach out:  

Dr. Daniel Aquino, Physician Compliance Officer

Katie Dever, Director of Compliance and Privacy

[email protected] | Anonymous Compliance hotline:  (704) 413-6501