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Outside of the office: Team partners recommendations of healthcare-related TV shows, books and podcasts

Ever wonder what your team partners like to watch, read and listen to related to the medical field? We’ve asked and (some of you!) have answered.


Grey’s Anatomy was far and away the most popular TV show mentioned, although many were quick to note that although it’s entertaining, it’s also one of the least realistic. But that didn’t stop it from just being renewed for its 20th season, making it ABC’s longest-running scripted primetime show.

Take a look at other show recommendations and how they stacked up against each other:

(So if you love to watch Dr. Pimple Popper but don’t want to admit it, know that you’re not alone.)

Additional shows that were included (in case you want to add others to your queue):


Only one movie got a nod, but there were a couple of votes for it!


Several team partners regularly listen to the below podcasts:


Whether it be books that stuck with you from high school or ones that influenced you to go into the medical field, several were recommended: