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Meet team partner Atia Jenerette

Atia, or “Tia” as known by her colleagues, is the office coordinator for SouthPark 7 and the Tryon Women’s Center, home of Tryon’s gynecology and sexual health specialty. 

Tia has been with Tryon since the doors opened on September 6, 2018, however, she is no stranger to healthcare and her experience with various clinical teams started at Atrium’s Mecklenburg Medical Group. She shares more about how her career started, and why she still loves the mission, patients and people who comprise Tryon Medical Partners.

What was your journey to Tryon like? 

Prior to coming to Tryon, I was with Atrium for 10 years. I worked in varied support roles in specialties ranging from cardiology, medical oncology/immunology, clinical trials, and research administration. My journey at Tryon started as lead patient care coordinator where I was managed by Terri Nixon and Rita Kiazayadioko. I transferred to Revenue Cycle Management medical billing and denials management; and then returned to clinic as lead patient care coordinator where Rita and I worked closely with the gynecology and sexual health clinic.

In the early days of opening the SouthPark office, we spent some weekends putting shelving together, organizing supplies and exam rooms. Having a hand in building this medical practice is awe-inspiring and rewarding!  

What is different about Tryon as an employer?

Early on, I was able to recognize the physicians’ desire for their patients to have a say in their care, and not have a conglomeration tell them what the best care model should be. 

The most important part of our name is “Partners,” because we take pride in our collaborative efforts to give patients the best possible care. Patient care is never about a title; it’s the work and due diligence behind the title.

How has Tryon helped you grow professionally?

Tryon has been supportive in my growth and development. Management has allowed me to share my experiences: good, bad, or indifferent; and they’ve been open to suggestions and feedback that influences how to make things better. For “yours truly,” coming to Tryon was one of the best decisions I could have made. I believe the start and finish is our motto: Stronger relationships. Better health.