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Meet team partner Susan Crane

Susan Crane, RN, has been in the nursing profession for more than 25 years. She started working with Mecklenburg Medical Group in 2001 in various nursing positions, and joined Tryon Medical Partners in June 2018 working in the gastroenterology department. She talks about her nursing journey and what’s new on the horizon.

Why did you become a nurse?

Nursing has brought a lot of enjoyment and purpose to my life. I’ve learned over the years that nursing/life is about serving people, whether they are our patients, co-workers or family.

In March of 2023 a new door opened at Tryon, I joined the Value Based Medicine team. Value Based Medicine is a new department at Tryon, an up-and-coming concept; often referred to as “the tip of the sword.” We are a group of non-clinical and clinical staff (RN, LPN, Pharmacist) that work alongside primary care assisting with the Adult Wellness Visits (AWV), medication reconciliation/management, chronic care management (CCM) and many other ideas that improve patients’ health and wellbeing. This department focuses on the whole patient, not just a specific health issue/diagnosis. This position has been exciting, challenging, always evolving but very fulfilling. 

What was your journey to Tryon like?

My journey to Tryon was an exciting adventure and an easy decision. Many of us who joined TMP did so out of respect for the providers we had worked with for many years. On the first day of work here, there was such excitement, smiling faces and a cohesiveness among the staff.  I can remember as we got closer to the opening day of Tryon, you would often see physicians and ACPs in the office working alongside non-clinical and clinical staff in whatever capacity was needed at the time. I remember many of the clinicians, whether primary care or specialist, answering phones, registering patients and taking messages throughout the day. 

What is different about Tryon as an employer?

I think what sets Tryon Medical Partners above the bar is our patient-focused staff, whether you are non-clinical or clinical, who go above and beyond to provide the best care possible. In July 2022, I had a life-changing tragedy in my personal life while at work. That day I got to experience an organization that showed me not only are we patient-centered but an organization who cares about their staff. I can’t say enough about this organization and how they stepped in and up during this difficult time in my personal life. My family and I received phone calls and cards from clinicians, staff and coworkers who I didn’t realize knew I worked for the organization. 

How has Tryon helped you grow professionally?

At Tryon there is always an opportunity to grow whether you are non-clinical or clinical if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and accept the challenge.