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Are you ready to BE Tryon?

Tryon is proud to announce the formation of BE Tryon, a Belonging and Engagement committee made up of team partners who will work to continually improve Tryon’s already strong culture.

Our hope is that these team partners will surface fresh ideas to help management ensure staff feels celebrated and supported. It’s expected that members of BE Tryon will bring creative energy to the team, increase employee engagement and have fun!

BE Tryon (Belonging and Engagement) Committee Charter


As the executive sponsor of the Belonging and Engagement Committee (BE Tryon), the Tryon Medical Partners’ (TMP) Human Resources and Operations departments are responsible for supporting the success of BE Tryon.


BE Tryon will work with Tryon leadership to ensure we have a culture that fosters team partner engagement and inclusion for all. They will represent their peers and bring ideas to the committee that will help create a passionate, energetic, and committed working environment. 


  • The proposed term for appointed members is 2 years (with a rotating half). 
  • To join, team partners must have been with the organization 6 months or more, and be in good standing with Tryon
  • To formally apply, team partners must submit a Microsoft forms application via Office365 


  • Meetings: 
    • The chair and/or co-chair should be present in all the meetings 
    • Meetings should be held in person to encourage engagement 
  • Engagement:
    • Members should be present in at least 3 of the 4 meetings annually 

Member responsibilities 

  • Engage fully, bringing your mind, heart, and body to the work of the BE Tryon vision
  • Establish 2-4 (or more) focused priority areas for action to: 
    • Increase engagement 
    • PROMOTE and CELEBRATE team partners
  • Create a SAFE space for all
  • Encourage participation! 
  • Take accountability and ownership for the implementation of the plan that the committee has made 


  • BE Tryon will consist of at least two physicians and team partners from each location including the TPC and MSO (inclusive of team lead, note taker, communicator, etc.)
  • The team partners will meet once a quarter and will be scheduled a month in advance
  • Meeting location and agenda will be determined prior to each meeting 
  • Chair & co-chair for the committee to be selected by team partners 
  • No final decision will be made, but will be submitted/proposed to the Board for consideration